How to draw Save Water drawing on World Water day step by step

Life without water is impossible. Due to excess wastage of water, life is leading towards a huge damage. In order to spread message regarding special attention towards water savage, every year on 22nd March we celebrate World Water Day.

This day is not only celebrated in India but also in the whole world. On this day children draw several sketches stating messages to SAVE WATER. This tutorial will also help you to know that How to draw Save Water drawing on World water day step by step.

Save Water drawing on world water day

In 1993 United Nations celebrated the First World Water Day. After that, every year countries get united and celebrate this day. Every year there is a separate theme of this event including topics like reducing floods, droughts, water pollution and protecting ecosystems, "Water and Sustainable Development", "Water and Jobs'" and "Why waste water?".

Last 10 year World Water Day themes:

2018   Nature for Water

2017  Why Waste Water?

2016  Better Water, Better Jobs

2015  Water and Sustainable Development

2014  Water and Energy

2013  International Year of Cooperation

2012  Water and Food Security: The World is Thirsty Because We are Hungry

2011  Water for cities: responding to the urban challenge

2010  Clean Water for a Healthy World.

2009  Trans Waters.

How to draw Save Water drawing on World water day step by step
There are a variety of events through which People celebrate World Water Day. The events can be educational, theatrical, musical or lobbying in nature. Students and other people draw sketches according to the themes and present them on this auspicious day.

If you are also going to participate in the upcoming World Water Day event and want to draw Save Water drawing then here is the solution. In the below segment we have given a video link. Through this video, you will get to know about the simplest manner to draw Save Water drawing.

Step By Step Save Water drawing on the World water day

While drawing for World water Day must keep in mind that Water is the “HERO” of the picture. Hence the focus of the image must be around it.

Draw Save Water drawing on World water day step by step:

Hope this article will help you in completing the Save Water Drawing. After watching the video if you are satisfied and happy then you may hit the Like button. Furthermore, you can also share your valuable comments with us.

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